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Hole # 3, Tierra Rejada GC, Simi Valley, CA

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Hole # 3, par 4, White tees, 425 yards

I’m man enough to admit that I’m scared of losing my ball on hole # 3 at Tierra Rejada Golf Club. I usually come to this hole after parring the last hole so I usually feel pretty good, until I have to tee up. From the white tees, the tee shot is scary. From the blue tees, it is even more scarier. Staring across the gully, you need to aim towards the hill on the right and draw your ball in to the middle. That would give you the best shot for an easy GIR. Straight shooters should always aim to hit in the middle of the fairway. Don’t try to aim for the wooden fence across the way, if you do, you will sail it past the fence and lose your ball to the 23 freeway.

I decide to hit driver and aim for the cart path. It goes across the gully safely and disappears. I suspect keeping left was a good idea because anything right is trouble. My ball ended up hitting the slope and gained some distance. My playing partner got lucky and hit his ball against the wooden fence. His ball was inches to being OB.

My second shot required a 140 yard iron shot. I had figured that my 9-iron would get me there because of the elevation drop. I was right. My ball ended up in the front part of the green. I had a 20 yard putt for birdie. Unfortunately for the undulation, I had to settle for a par.

Have you played this hole recently? If so, please write me a comment on how you played this hole.

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