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Hole # 12, Kona CC, Ocean Course, Big Island, HI

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Hole # 12, par 3, Ladies tees, 133 yards

Kona CC, Ocean Course

Kona CC, Ocean Course

Teeing off on the Ocean Course in Kona CC is a treat because the hole parallels the ocean. With a stiff breeze, 133 yards plays longer than it is. This is one course that if your spouse doesn’t play, it’s worth paying $25 for the rider’s fee because some of the holes plays alongside the ocean and the views are spectacular.

I’ve played other ocean courses before but this one is my favourite. Right before the “puka” hole which is hole # 13, the short par 3 on # 12 is easy for the ladies. I hit onto the green with my 8-iron. Two putt for an easy par. My husband has it harder as he has 167 yards from the white tees. He’s not hitting his 6-iron very well these days so he comes up right of the green. He has a tricky chip because he can’t keep his eyes off the surf. It’s too much for him so he duffs the shot. Two putts later, he walks away disappointed with a double bogey.

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