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Hole # 4, Santa Anita GC, Arcadia, CA

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Hole # 4, par 3, Blue tees, 129 yards

I used to get up at 5:30am to call for tee times at Santa Anita Golf Course in Arcadia, CA. This course is extremely popular in the weekend and getting on was always difficult. Without a tee time, forget about walking on and go to the racetrack instead. It is frequented by players living in Arcadia, Monrovia, Sierra Madre and Pasadena. We used to drive up from Studio City where we worked and lived.

On hole # 4, it is a perfect distance for a par 3. I wished more courses would give you a chance for an easy hole-in-one like Santa Anita does. I would use my 9-iron and hit it high so that when it lands, it barely rolls. We played with a retired couple from Monrovia, both named as Kim. They were married and I think their surname was Kim, however they wanted us to call them that so we did. It was very confusing but when we called their name, both answered.

Kim hit a 8-iron and it flew past the green. At a senior age, he wasn’t getting his distances anymore. In his younger days, he would hit a PW but now, he has to settle for a 8-iron. Mrs. Kim hit a hybrid and it scooted on. Everybody was on the green and had birdie putts. I would walk away with a par when everyone scored bogey.

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