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Hole # 6, Inglewood Golf and Curling Club, Calgary, AB

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Hole # 6, par 5, White tees, 548 yards

Hole # 18, Inglewood

Hole # 18, Inglewood

When you walk on a golf course as a single, you don’t get a chance to choose your playing partners. I played with two friends which weren’t friends of mine. Gary and Gord were members of the Inglewood Golf and Curling Club and these guys played fast. Perhaps it’s because of the golf club’s expectations that early morning rounds finish in less than 4 hours. Or the fact they wanted to stay one stroke back from the group ahead. Either reason, we finished our 18-hole round in just 3 hours.

I got off on a bad start and played horribly until hole # 6, a nice par 5 where I think I had redeemed myself. It was fustrating to say the least. My driving game was off. My irons were weak and I had no feel for putting. I probably looked like a hack to these guys. Both Gord and Gary were already on the fairway when I teed up my ball. I wanted this drive to count so I focused in on bringing my club back slowly until I felt the tension on my back. Once I felt it, it was time to unwind. At the top of my backswing, I like to think that it’s my right side that has to bring the club back square to the ball. I powered the clubhead through to impact and the ball went sailing up the middle. It landed about 10 yards longer than Gary’s ball and straight as an arrow.

I wanted to advance my ball to the 150 yard marker so I used my 4-hybrid to do that. The ball sailed straight to the 150 yard stake. Next came my 7-iron, setup to hit a slight slice to get the ball around the tree. It flew but it got caught up in the longer grass in front of the green. I had to use my 58 degree wedge to pop it up and onto the green. I ended up two putting for a bogey.

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