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Hole # 6, D’Arcy Ranch GC, Okotoks, AB

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Hole # 6, White tees, 169 yards

If you’re visiting Calgary, be sure to play D’Arcy Ranch Golf Club in Okotoks, AB. It’s situated about 20 minutes south of Calgary and has become a bedroom community (ie. residents sleep there but works elsewhere) with a population of 24,511. When you drive through the gates, don’t get fooled by the flat piece of land that you drive around to get to the parking lot. This course is anything but flat because there’s a big ravine that carves through the land.

Hole # 6 is a challenging par 3 from any colour tee. From the white tees, it is 169 yards with a large sand bunker and pond on your left. I chose a 6-iron while my playing partner, Jim chose a 5-wood. He would hit the green but his ball would roll to the back of the green. His wife Kari would join us on the white tees and hit a 3-wood. Her ball would come up short but it bounced and rolled to the front of the green. My wife chose a 5-hybrid and had the best shot of the group. Her ball landed pin high and was 10 feet from the hole. I ended up pulling my shot into the sand bunker. At least it was dry.

From the sand bunker, I could barely see the flag because the green was above me. I kept my head down and smoothly entered the sand from behind the ball. When it landed, I heard oooh’s and aaah’s. They were all amazed at how I spun the ball as it landed and sucked back. For tips on how to backspin a ball, be sure to visit our sister site.

Everyone ended up with a bogey, except my wife who rolled it in for a par.

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