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Hole # 4, Mt Kidd, Kananaskis Country, AB

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Hole # 4, par 3, White tees, 129 yards

Hole # 4, Mt Kidd

Hole # 4, Mt Kidd

Before playing Kananaskis, people were telling me that the course suffered a lot of winter kill. The maintenance crew was out in full force, trying to put the course back into a pristine condition. Hopefully in August and September, the course will dry out and the rivers will return to a trickle rather than raging waters.

When we arrived at hole # 4, there was a challenge presented to us. You could make a bet anywhere from $10 to $200. If you hit the green, your bet is doubled in the form of gift certificates redeemable in the pro shop. If you miss the green, you get the same dollar value back in gift certificates. Because this was not charity, I had declined. My friends also declined because they didn’t need anything from the proshop. There was a gentleman in the last group that bet $200 and doubled his money because his ball settled on the green.

I shot a 9-iron to the green. Unfortunately it hit the green so hard that it bounced into the rough. Brent played from the blue tees and hit his new RocketBallz iron. His ball sailed over the pin and into the sand bunker. Lawrence pulled his shot into the forest left of the tee box. Mary’s ball also hit the rough but she chipped it close for a par. I walked away with a bogey and Brent did too.

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