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Hole # 13, Fraserview Golf Course, Vancouver, BC

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Hole # 13, par 3, Blue tees, 180 yards

Fraserview is one of the hardest city courses to get a tee time for. It is popular in the morning, afternoon and twilight and people who live in Vancouver tells me that it is the most played course in the city. With the amount of cars parked throughout the day, I always wonder whether anyone works in this town.

Playing hole # 13 from any colour tee is a challenge. From the blue tees, it is an elevated tee shot guarded by a pond to your right. At 180 yards, most players choose to hit a hybrid. Strong iron players will use their 5-iron but it is hard to drop it on the green and limit the roll. Some better players choose to hit their 6-iron and hope that it will bounce on and roll closer to the pin.

My friend Allan chose his 5-wood and hit it straight towards the pin. Unfortunately, it ended up fading at the end and he was on then off the green. I chose my 5-iron and hit it well. It landed a little short of the green and rolled on. Allan joined me on the green after a nice chip with his 58 degree wedge. I pushed my putt slightly and it didn’t break at all. I thought everything rolls towards the pond but this time, it didn’t. I ended up with a par and Allan walked away with a bogey.

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One thought on “Hole # 13, Fraserview Golf Course, Vancouver, BC

  1. Does anyone have the same problem as me? – I just can’t drive the damn thing

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