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Hole # 9, Coronado Golf Course, San Diego, CA

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Hole # 9, par 3, 153 yards

If you ever want to play island golf, take a drive out to the City of Coronado, just a bridge away from San Diego. A round of golf will only cost you $30 in the weekdays and $35 in the weekends. We had the pleasure of having our rental clubs paid for, by the airline that lost our clubs along the way. To reimburse us, they picked up the rental clubs, balls, shoes, tees and clothing. Later that evening when they located our clubs, they drove them out to our hotel.

Some people can play with any set of clubs but that day, I learned I could not. The set of rental clubs was a mixed bag of sorts which made it a long round for me but I enjoyed the course immensely.

Hole # 9 was memorable because it was a short par 3 over water. I remembered choosing a 7-iron to clear the 140 yards of water to get to the green on the other side. I had to make sure I wasn’t going to pull the shot, otherwise I would have to yell out ‘Fore’ to the guys on the 8th green because it shares the water with hole # 9.

I ended up hitting a stinger across the lake and onto the green. It was pure luck. Two putts later and it was a par – sweet.

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