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Hole # 14, Lakeside Greens, Chestermere, AB

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Hole # 14, par 4, 401 yards

Some people wouldn’t play courses like Lakeside Greens in Chestermere, AB because they fear putting their tee shot into someone’s window. If you’re one of these golfers then you might want to skip this golf course and play another one in Calgary instead. There are a few holes here that can make a slicer sweat on the tee box.

Unfortunately, hole # 14 is one of these holes. If you’re playing from the back tees, someone’s kitchen nook window comes into play. If you’re going to slice your ball, try moving up to the forward tees and hit from there. The houses on the right aren’t as close as you move up. Today, I chose my 4-hybrid because I could hit it 200+ yards and straight too. Worst case, I will pull it left.

I would find my tee shot left of the cart path. From there, it’s hard to see the green because of the undulating fairways on the left side. Take a walk to the fairway and see what you’re hitting to. Instead of a blind shot, it’s always safer to make sure it’s clear of people before hitting. You don’t need any dead golfers on the green.

I chose my 5-iron to get my ball to the green. Hole # 14 is pretty straightforward so once I visualized my shot, I went for it. Luckily my ball landed up front and rolled onto the green. I had a two putt for a par.

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