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Hole # 2, Springbank Links, Springbank, AB

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Hole # 2, par 4, 357 yards

Hole # 9

Hole # 9

I have heard a lot of people say they would avoid playing Springbank Links because they think the front 9 is gimmicky. I really don’t understand that because I think the front 9 is really tough. To be successful here, you have to leave your ego at the clubhouse and play to your handicap. If you can’t drive the ball consistently straight, let me recommend that you play from the silver tees instead of the blue tees. Otherwise you are going to lose a few balls off the tee and it won’t be any fun for you either.

Hole # 2 at Springbank Links is tame compared to the holes that follow. It plays uphill and is a dogleg left. There are no gulleys or rough to clear. As long as you stay on the fairway, you can get a birdie or par on this hole. Unlike the next seven holes, hole # 2 is going to look easy to you.

Get a good tee shot by staying right and you will have a short iron to the green. I’m first because I managed to par the first hole. I take one good look then I pull the trigger. My tee shot ends up right and down from the hill. I have just a little more than 130 yards to the green. It’s a bit of a blind shot to the green because it’s uphill and you can’t really see the green from below. I hit a high shot with a 9-iron and it lands on the front edge of the green. It’s a two tier green and I’m on the lower tier. It’s going to be tricky putt for birdie.

The green is exceptionally fast today and I had to settle for a bogey.

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