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Hole # 18, Mt Lorette GC, Kananaskis Country, AB

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Hole # 18, par 4, 427 yards

Hole # 18, Mt Lorette

Hole # 18, Mt Lorette

As an Albertan, it was an annual obligation and desire to play one of the best golf courses ever built. From Calgary, it would be an hour drive west towards the Bow Valley Parkway, then south towards the Kananaskis Country. It would always be a treat driving there because of the scenery and wildlife. On the day when we drove out, it was dry but rain was in the forecast. When we arrived at the golf courses, we drove up to the valet and no one was there to greet us. After the floods, they had to let most of the staff go because the course was closed for the entire 2013 season.

The floods had damaged both courses. Instead of a meandering creek, it was now a raging river. The sand bunkers on hole # 18 on the Mt Lorette course was practically washed away, along with the 400 yard fairway. The green is still intact but even the cart path suffered some damage.

It was a sad sight. Only the tee box remained on hole # 10. The fairway from tee box to green was almost non-existent. They said at the height of the flood, Mt Lorette was completely underwater. Mt Kidd was spared but there is considerable damage on the 10th, 14th, 16th and 18th holes. Luckily the signature hole, par 3 with the island green was untouched except for one sand bunker.


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