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Hole # 14, Collicutt Siding GC, Crossfield, AB

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Hole # 14, par 3, 116 yards

Hole # 14

Hole # 14

If you haven’t played Collicutt Siding Golf Club and you live in Calgary then you should. Take Deerfoot Trail and head north towards Edmonton. At 2A to Crossfield, take the exit and turn left at the top of the ramp. Drive for 5 minutes and make a left on Western. Follow it to the golf course.

It is surprisingly good for golfers of all ages and skill levels. First of, something that I haven’t seen before – a kids’ tee box. On every hole, there is a set of lime coloured tee boxes that lets kids tee off on. Also, it is only golf course that you can run your cart on the fairway leading to a par 3.

Hole # 14 plays off the new clubhouse which was built in 2005. It is quite a nice looking clubhouse with a pro shop and restaurant facilities. From the white tees, the green is located on the other side of a creek that winds through the fairway. A large bunker in the front protects the pin.

I was first up and decided to hit a soft 9-iron. My ball flew straight towards the pin, over the bunker and just on the edge of the green. Rob was next. He hit a wedge high up and ended up in between my ball and the pin. Holly was next up. She played the white tees with the guys and ended up short and into the creek. Cindy played from the red tees decided to hit a hybrid. Unfortunately, her ball would clear the bridge but find the long grass on the other side of the creek.

I was first to putt and found the hole to be uphill. There was quite a lot of slope to it and I didn’t give it enough roll. I would end up with a bogey. Rob was next to putt and he also bogeyed the hole. No one walked away with a par. It looked like an easy hole but we all were challenged.

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