Getting on the green

Blogging about some of the world's best golf holes.

About me

It’s apparent. I love golf. And strangely enough, I can remember every shot I made during and after a round. Sometimes, I can recall my own shots from way back when but I can even recall other people’s shots. Some say it’s uncanny. Others think it’s weird.

My game is on the road to recovery. I used to hold a 16 handicap but don’t anymore. My scores have ballooned since taking time off from golf. You know the story, work gets in the way. I recently worked on my swing with Paul Holtby, the winner of Big Break in Ireland and Paul taught me how not to hit a straight ball. His theory is to learn to hit the other 8 shots in golf rather than to hit a straight ball because golf architects don’t design straight holes anymore. They are either dogleg left, dogleg right, elbow left, elbow right but never straight.

The one thing I’m particularly proud of, are my two hole-in-ones. The first one came at River Ridge in Oxnard, California. It was a blustery day and my game was off. I hate playing in the wind and that day was no exception. When I thought my game was all over, I hit this interesting 8-iron shot on a par 3. The ball hit the lip of the bunker, jetted right and bounced on to the green. It would roll straight into the hole. My playing partner from Santa Barbara told me to pick up the ball, sign my name on it and put it away for safe keeping. He said I may want to frame the ball along with a certificate that the course will give me. I ended up framing the ball but the kid at the proshop didn’t know what to do with hole-in-ones. I had them make up a certificate for me with my name on it and the details of my hole-in-one.

My second hole-in-one came on another lousy day on the links. This one happened late in the season, on a course in Canada. Lynx Ridge in Calgary, Alberta was the course where I aced the hole. It was a par 3, over the water, 156 yards shot. I used my 7-iron and the ball barely made it over the water. It bounced once and trickled into the hole. I ended up buying drinks for our group but the club deprived the drinks for the entire clubhouse because I wasn’t a member (Phew!).

My aim is to get my handicap back to 16. I think this number is right for me because I can enjoy the social aspect of the game at the same time, not worry about how I’m playing. I enjoy playing with perfect strangers, except the selfish ones that are not social and are playing for the pretend championship. I hope by writing my passion, I can learn from others and give myself a chance to shoot more birdies and pars.

I will try to post every day. If we’ve golfed together then check my posts, you might find your name and a tidbit of information that you provided to me during the round in print. If we haven’t then I look forward to meeting you out there.

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