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Hole # 15, Camarillo Springs GC, Camarillo, CA

Hole # 15, Blue tees, 334 yards

I just received an email from Bogopod announcing the grand opening of Sport Clips in Camarillo. If you visit Bogopod’s website, you can get a free haircut if you donate just $1 to the local school or your choice of charity. If you haven’t tried Sport Clips, you’re in for a treat because you can watch sports at the same time you’re getting a hair cut. Check it out!

Getting up on tee on hole # 15 at Camarillo Springs, you’ll notice that water surrounds the fairway. There is water running left and right of you. If you plan to go for the green, make sure you hit it straight towards the green but make sure the group in front of you has finished putting.

This is one of those holes that you don’t want to slice your tee shot. A bad slice can easily go into the housing community across the lake. Lets not do that and hit a beautiful draw instead. A decent drive will leave you a short wedge to the green which is a better way to play the hole. Why overpower it and risk hitting water? Greens in regulation should be easy to do. If you drop it close to the pin, a birdie is makable, otherwise a par is a great score.