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Hole # 17, Lynx Ridge GC, Calgary, AB

Hole # 17, par 3, White tees, 148 yards

Lynx Ridge GC

Lynx Ridge GC

I haven’t played Lynx Ridge in Calgary for a long, long time but this is the hole that I scored an ace on. I can still remember the day when I hit a 7-iron over water and the ball hit a rock, scooted up on the green and rolled into the cup. I went ballistic and so did the group that played with me.

Today we played with Rick and Theresa from Brad-Mar Homes, a prestigious estate home builder in Calgary. Rick is the founder and president of Brad-Mar Homes and has been in business for over 22 years. If he builds homes like the way he plays golf then expect them to be solid.

Rick hit a beautiful high draw to the green and it landed about three feet below the cup. I chose to hit my 8-iron and it looked like it was going into the water. We all coached the ball to fly a little further and it hit one of the rocks that guarded the lake, shot up about 10 feet in the air then landed on the green. No hole-in-one this time but I was happy that it was dry.

Both ladies hit a good ball to the green but Theresa’s ball rolled to the apron. Everyone was putting for birdie. Unfortunately, we walked away with two pars and two bogeys.