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Hole # 7, Terra Lago GC, Indio, CA

Hole # 7, North Course, par 3, 132 yards

I love elevated tee boxes and when you get to play hole # 7 at Terra Lago North Course in Indio, CA, you’re in for a treat. Named ‘Peak-a-boo’, hole # 7 takes you high up in the desert where you can see most of the desert community across the horizon. Depending on the pin placement, the hole is certainly named appropriately. If placed in the far right corner of the green, the green is certainly playing peek-a-boo with you.

Today the pin placement was ‘2’ and it was a clear shot from the tee box. Because of the elevation, I chose to take one less club. At 132 yards, I normally would hit a 9-iron but today, I chose my 10-iron instead. If you’re playing with a set of Callaway Big Bertha irons (like me) then you’re lucky to have a 10-iron, otherwise hit a 3/4 swing with a 9-iron or a strong PW.

As soon as the group ahead of us cleared the green, I got ready. When both carts left the area, I was ready to hit my tee shot. I like to make sure that I don’t hit the ball into the group playing ahead of us. I hit a beautiful shot towards the green. It landed softly on and left me with a 6 foot putt. I would par the hole after misjudging the break.



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Hole # 8, Shadow Hills GC, Indio, CA

Hole # 8, par 3, Blue tees, 153 yards

Hole # 8

Hole # 8

With two holes-in-one, I often think the third one is just waiting for me on the next par 3. At the South Course on Shadow Hills, hole # 8 is a nice par 3. The whole left side is guarded by water and the hole plays nicely to a natural draw if you have one of these shots in your bag.

Bert was first up and he decided to club down. He hit a beautiful draw to the green but unfortunately came up short. After watching him hit a 8-iron to 153 yards, I decided to follow him. I went back to the cart and changed clubs. I was going to hit a 7-iron but something in the wind told me it was shorter than what the GPS had said.

I hit it smoothly and the ball sailed straight towards the right side. Luckily, it hit a mound and bounced left. It settled about four feet from the hole, giving me my first chance for a birdie. I was having trouble with my putter all day and it was evident that I could not putt. I walked away with just a par.

Shadow Hills is closed for overseeding until November 5th, 2012.

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Hole # 1, Indian Springs GC, Indio, CA

Hole # 1, par 4, Gold Tees, 350 yards

Indian Springs

Indian Springs

There’s all sorts of incentives playing Indian Springs GC in Indio, CA. For example now, all the golf rates include lunch with a choice of 3 entrees. The golf course spans across all four quadrants between the intersection of Jefferson Street and Westward Ho Drive. The clubhouse and proshop is situated on the NW corner while the first hole is kitty corner or on the SE quadrant of the intersection. To get to the first hole, you have to head east, go under the street via a tunnel to get to the other side. Take note of where hole # 9 is, because you have to take the same tunnel back to the clubhouse then cross Westward Ho Drive on top of the street to get to hole # 10. It is confusing for the first-timer but you’ll learn.

Hole # 1 is a narrow start to a good layout. It’s only 350 yards but it is parallel to hole # 9. Try to stay right but not long because there is water on your right. It’s not reachable by many but it’s better to hit onto hole # 9’s fairway than it is to hook your drive into people’s homes on the left. I was hitting my drives pretty straight when I came to Indian Springs and a little confidence gets you a long way too. I drove my tee shot pretty straight and onto the fairway. My second shot was a 9-iron to the green that skidded off to the back of the green. I ended up three putting it for a bogey. Not a bad start.