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Hole # 18, Glen Annie Golf Club, Santa Barbara, CA

Hole # 18, par 4, 353 yards

Hole # 4

Hole # 18

Glen Annie Golf Club is situated on the hillside of Santa Barbara where golfers are treated to a challenging layout and elevated tees.

The finishing hole at Glen Annie may appear short on the scorecard but don’t let this hole trick you in taking it easy. At 353 yards, it demands a great drive and a straight soft approach with a mid iron.

I drove it hard and dry with my playing partners flirting with the water that hugs the whole right side. There is a large lake that comes into play and should be avoided. Slicers beware. Compensate if you have to or stay left.

With only $130 yards left, I chose my favourite club and landed in front of the green. It bounced on nicely and left me with a 20 yard putt. Two putts later, a par.

This is a beautiful course, especially if you can get out here in the summer. It’s quieter here on the weekdays but if you have to work during the week, take the weekend off and drive out here. It’ll be worth the drive.