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Hole # 9, Disney’s Palm Course, Orlando, FL

Hole # 9, par 4, 362 yards

If you haven’t played the Palm Course in Disneyworld, take my advice and bring lots of golf balls in your bag because water is everywhere and where there is water, there are alligators. After finishing hole # 8, a dry waterless par 3, we drove our cart to hole # 9 and witness a rather large Croc sitting on the tee box. It was quite a large Croc and it would probably inflict a nice sized wound on our legs so we decided to give ourselves a free drop.

If you had to tee off on either the White or Gold tees, you would have to stay right because there is water on the entire left side. From the tee box, there is a small canal that cuts across the fairway. A 3-wood would be perfect to keep your ball dry.

From the middle of the fairway, I had a little more than 160 yards to go. My friend James had about 155 yards and mostly over water. James practically tip-toed to his ball because he was scared that an alligator would be sitting on the bank. He surveyed the water and made sure he didn’t see any bubbles. The marshal told us to watch for bubbles and play a free drop about 10-15 yards from the water’s edge. Bubbles meant alligators were in the water.

Being further back, I was first up. I had solid contact and the ball hit the front of the green and rolled on. James was up next. He chose a 7-iron and hit a beautiful shot to the back of the green. Both of us would end up with a par.