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Hole # 2, Inglewood Golf, Calgary, AB

Hole # 2, par 3, 150 yards

Hole # 2

Hole # 2 from across the tee box

Someone told me that this hole is a must-play. If you started the round on hole #1 then you’re partially warmed up by the time you play this hole. Off the tee, there is water on the whole right side. You only need a 9-iron to carry it but I have seen my share of balls in the water because golfers lift their heads up too early. They need to keep their heads down and trust their ball will fly to the hole.

At 150 yards, most golfers will reach for their 7-iron. However, I’ve been hitting my 9-iron really well lately and have decided to go with it for this time. I don’t think of the water nor do I think of the Elbow River on the far right of the hole. A nice smooth swing with a little draw would work out nicely.

There is a large skinny bunker in front of the green. Some golfers clear the pond but get caught in the bunker. It’s a tricky blast up to the green from there.

My tee shot is nice and high and makes it to the back of the green. From there, it’s an easy chip then most of the time, it’s a downhill putt. I would walk away with a par.

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Hole # 6, Inglewood Golf and Curling Club, Calgary, AB

Hole # 6, par 5, White tees, 548 yards

Hole # 18, Inglewood

Hole # 18, Inglewood

When you walk on a golf course as a single, you don’t get a chance to choose your playing partners. I played with two friends which weren’t friends of mine. Gary and Gord were members of the Inglewood Golf and Curling Club and these guys played fast. Perhaps it’s because of the golf club’s expectations that early morning rounds finish in less than 4 hours. Or the fact they wanted to stay one stroke back from the group ahead. Either reason, we finished our 18-hole round in just 3 hours.

I got off on a bad start and played horribly until hole # 6, a nice par 5 where I think I had redeemed myself. It was fustrating to say the least. My driving game was off. My irons were weak and I had no feel for putting. I probably looked like a hack to these guys. Both Gord and Gary were already on the fairway when I teed up my ball. I wanted this drive to count so I focused in on bringing my club back slowly until I felt the tension on my back. Once I felt it, it was time to unwind. At the top of my backswing, I like to think that it’s my right side that has to bring the club back square to the ball. I powered the clubhead through to impact and the ball went sailing up the middle. It landed about 10 yards longer than Gary’s ball and straight as an arrow.

I wanted to advance my ball to the 150 yard marker so I used my 4-hybrid to do that. The ball sailed straight to the 150 yard stake. Next came my 7-iron, setup to hit a slight slice to get the ball around the tree. It flew but it got caught up in the longer grass in front of the green. I had to use my 58 degree wedge to pop it up and onto the green. I ended up two putting for a bogey.

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Hole # 9, Elbow Springs, Calgary, AB

Hole # 9, par 5, Blue tees, 473 yards 

We haven’t played Elbow Springs in Calgary, AB for quite some time so when the starter said we were playing the Elbow 9 then the Springs 9, none of it made sense to me. Some guy walked by and said these two 9’s were the hardest of three. Anything called springs means a lot of water and I could only suspect anything elbow means dogleg left or dogleg right.

The two guys that we played with today were Scott and Sparky. Both owned their own businesses, one supplied coffee to corporations and the other was in transportation. They were long hitters so they decided to play the black tees. I wasn’t going to keep up with them so I played the blue tees while my wife played the forward or red tees.

On hole # 9 on the Springs course, they both blasted their tee shot over water that ran on the whole right side. There was a small creek on the left side so keeping it straight was important. When it was my turn, I loaded up and must have looked up when my ball barely skimmed the water. Luckily, it learned how to skip and ended up dry. My second shot was a nicely hit 4-hybrid, straight and long. Unfortunately it went into the bunker. The other three were hitting their second shots from the fairway and decided to lay up around the 150 mark. From the sand, I blasted out with my 9-iron. Scott was up first and he hit a 7-iron from the middle of the fairway. It went up to high and didn’t make it across the pond guarding the green. Sparky ended up at the back of the green.

I was left with a 50 yard pitch shot to the green so I used my sand wedge and knocked it down to 7 feet from the hole. Believe it or not, I was the only one on the green. I single putted and ended my round with a par. It was a great afternoon with great company. If you’re reading this, thanks for a great round.

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Hole # 10, River’s Edge Golf Club, Okotoks, AB

Hole # 10, River’s Edge Golf Club, Blue tees, 404 yards

Risk and reward means different things to different people. On hole # 10 at River’s Edge Golf Club in Okotoks, near Calgary, AB, Canada, players often take risks and bomb their tee drives over the rough to reach the green in one. The trouble with that is either losing their ball to the long grass and shrubs that litters between tee box and green or they hook it so badly that players on the par 3, hole # 11 has to duck for cover.

Other players not taking risks will play their ball straight and occasionally, slice their ball into fairway one where they can easily recover from. After teeing off from the blue tees, I found my ball a little right of the cart path. Luckily, I had a clear view of the green and decided to hit a 8-iron to a pin located in the back of the green.

A safe shot off the tee earned me an easy GIR. I 2-putted and walked away with a par. My playing partner took the risk and lost his tee shot in the rough. He ended up with a double bogey. Better luck next time.

For those of you in the area, visit River’s Edge on Saturday, April 28th for their 2nd Annual Monster Demo Gala. Lots of new equipment to demo from Callaway, TaylorMade, Ping, Exotics, Titleist, Nike, Adams and more.

Part of giving back, be sure to bring a non-perishable food item for the food bank. See you there!