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Hole # 13, Canals at Delacour, Delacour, AB

Hole # 13, par 4, 383 yards

Strange holes on Hole # 13

Strange holes on Hole # 13

Drive east on Country Hills Blvd from Calgary and within 20 minutes, you will find the Canals at Delacour Golf Course. From the road, the golf course doesn’t look like much. It looks like a big farm with golf carts running free but it’s a link style course and it’s tough.

Wayne played here a few weeks ago and loved it. For a guy who shoots in the mid 80’s, he finds this course challenging but fair. Tom and Allen have never been to Delacour but they had played Muirfield before and enjoy the track. I would think with Muirfield being in the prairies, it would look like the Canals at Delacour, flat and straightforward.

Wayne was busy working on his putting. Allen decided to warm up on the range and Tom and I took it easy until it was our time. We started from hole # 10. Wayne wanted to make it more interesting by playing in teams. It would be him and Tom versus Allen and I. After a few holes, Allen and I had some catching up to do. On hole # 13, the fairway sweeps left. There is an opportunity to cut the corner by using the cart path as the target. All three guys played it safe and dropped their ball in the fairway near the 150 yard marker. I went for it and ended up left of the 150 yard marker off the fairway but a good lie.

I hit a sweet 7-iron and it bounced and rolled on. I would two putt it for a par.