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Lakeside Greens: Going for Dry

Hole # 3, Lakeside Greens, Chestermere, AB

Most people are fascinated about island greens but at Lakeside Greens in Chestermere, the tee boxes are on the island. From there, your tee shot has to fly clear of water that is on the left side of the fairway. The perfect tee shot is a draw that starts off right and ends up in the middle of the fairway.

I was up first because I had par’d the last hole. I drove the ball really well on the first hole and so the feeling was still fresh in my mind. I aimed my tee shot at the first tree on the right, hoping to draw it over the trees and to the middle of the fairway. I was too quick on my takeaway and came down over the ball. It skirted right. I would have the shortest drive. next to a tree in long grass.

I decided to pop it out with my 4-hybrid. I was lucky to sail it over the trees and onto the fairway but a little too left to see the green. I would have 177 yards left with 2 bunkers to carry. I chose a 6-iron and hit it well. I would come up short, just beside the cart sign and before the greenside bunker. I used my 58-degree wedge and lobbed it over the bunker and onto the green. I had a downhill putt to make.

I was happy to walk away with a double bogey. Last week, I had a 10 on the same hole.

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Lakeside Greens: Short but Brutal

Hole # 11, par 3, Blue tees, 135 yards After coming close to a par on the previous hole, we drove across the street to the next hole. Hole # 11 is a short par 3 with bunkers on the whole left side. My gps gave me a reading of 135 yards so I decided to go first since I felt the vibe. At 135 yards, I was going to hit my 9-iron and de-loft the club slightly to get more distance out of it. My 9-iron normally gives me 125 yards but I was hoping for a nice smooth swing, a nice bounce and a roll to the green. I had hit it pretty good and it flew right towards the green. I would be short of the green by a few feet. Joe was next. He also chose a 9-iron but pushed it. Allen was next up. With a PW, Allen normally compresses the ball and hits it a long way. He would fly his ball to the back of the green. Tom was next. He chose a 8-iron and pulled it into the sand bunker. By the time I went up to the green, I was quite short and decided to chip on with my 58-degree wedge. I hit it flushed and it flew to the hole. I was left with a uphill putt. The greens at Lakeside were running fast and up to this hole, I was three putting everything. I aimed and fired at the hole. The ball would go past the hole and it would make me putt it downhill. The greens were so fast that if you touched it, the ball would roll a mile. I did exactly that and ended up breezing by the hole. Was this a par 8? The simple par 3 ate us all up. None of us walked away with anything less than a double bogey.

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Hole # 6, Lakeside Greens, Chestermere, AB

Hole # 6, par 3, Blue tees, 150 yards

Lakeside Greens

Lakeside Greens

Some golf courses agrees with you and others don’t. On Tuesday, it was clear who played well and who didn’t. It was the first time that Tom had played Lakeside Greens in Chestermere and he did exceptionally well. Both Allen and I have played here before and always enjoy the golf in a country setting. Allen recently played here on a tournament and so he remembered the holes vividly.

On hole # 6, the green from the blue tees looked exceptionally far away. It was only 150 yards but the water made it more scarier than most holes. After a great par on hole # 5, Tom decided to hit first. He hit a pretty good shot but it was leaning left fast. Unfortunately, his tee shot went into the water. I was next up and thought to myself, it would be nice if I got a hole-in-one. I chose a 7-iron and hit it well. It went straight to the pin but ran into some ground. It took one bounce and landed short of the hole.

Allen was up next. He decided to hit a 8-iron. His ball came up short but he was dry and safe. It landed on the apron, just short of the green by inches. Tom decided to hit again. His second attempt would be better as it landed on the green. When I drove up, I was amazed at how my ball was so close. It was surely a tap in for birdie.

Tom putted out and Allen chipped on. Nothing to write home about but I was happy that I got a birdie.

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Hole # 14, Lakeside Greens, Chestermere, AB

Hole # 14, par 4, 401 yards

Some people wouldn’t play courses like Lakeside Greens in Chestermere, AB because they fear putting their tee shot into someone’s window. If you’re one of these golfers then you might want to skip this golf course and play another one in Calgary instead. There are a few holes here that can make a slicer sweat on the tee box.

Unfortunately, hole # 14 is one of these holes. If you’re playing from the back tees, someone’s kitchen nook window comes into play. If you’re going to slice your ball, try moving up to the forward tees and hit from there. The houses on the right aren’t as close as you move up. Today, I chose my 4-hybrid because I could hit it 200+ yards and straight too. Worst case, I will pull it left.

I would find my tee shot left of the cart path. From there, it’s hard to see the green because of the undulating fairways on the left side. Take a walk to the fairway and see what you’re hitting to. Instead of a blind shot, it’s always safer to make sure it’s clear of people before hitting. You don’t need any dead golfers on the green.

I chose my 5-iron to get my ball to the green. Hole # 14 is pretty straightforward so once I visualized my shot, I went for it. Luckily my ball landed up front and rolled onto the green. I had a two putt for a par.

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Hole # 15, Lakeside Greens GC, Chestermere, AB

Hole # 15, par 4, Blue tees, 384 yards

Star War bunkers at Lakeside Greens

Star War bunkers at Lakeside Greens

It’s been a long time since playing at Lakeside Greens GC in Chestermere. I used to make the trek out from Calgary but since all the road construction on 17th Avenue and 84th Street, I’ve kept away from driving east. Today was an exception because we wanted to be out on a nice and sunny day.

We teed off with Tom and Chris. We weren’t sure whether these two were married, dating each other or were casual friends. We just never found out and it really didn’t matter anyways. Tom scared me from the get-go because he was talking about playing from the tips. Most people who wants to hit from the tips are usually long hitters but it turned out that Tom would over muscle his drives, causing him to hook it badly. On a few drives, he hit it long and straight.

When we got to hole # 15, I was finally comfortable with letting it all out. There were houses on the right but were quite far away. On the left side, there was nothing to worry about or hit. I made sure I had a good shoulder turn and I kept my head down through impact. It went down the middle of the fairway. It was clearly the best drive I’ve had all day. Tom would end up missing the fairway but he was in good shape. Both ladies hit their drives to the right.

I would draw my ball from 150 yards out and it curled into the greenside bunker on the left. Tom would mishit his wedge to about 20 yards from the green. When I arrived at the sand bunker, I noticed how shallow the bunker was. Everyone had complained that these bunkers didn’t have a lot of sand in them. They weren’t kidding.

My first attempt would fail with my ball still in the sand. It was Tom’s turn and he chipped it right in the hole for a birdie. Before he could celebrate it, I hit my sand wedge again and it too, slid into the hole for a par. Tom commented on how he has never seen two chip ins in one round. This was the first for him and me. It was a fun round with Tom and Chris. Too bad we didn’t exchange numbers but I think we will run into these two again, somewhere out there.