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Hole # 11, Highlands Reserve GC, Davenport, FL

Hole # 11, par 4, 307 yards

If you want to take a rest from Mickey and his friends, take a short drive southwest of the Disney Resort towards Davenport where you will find a very different golf course known as the Highlands Reserve Golf Club.

Hole # 11 is a short par 4 from the Black tees. With a slope/rating of 118/ 72.1, any vacationer looking for easy pars and birdies can play here. Take out your 3 wood and hit it straight. If you are known to slice your tee shot with your driver then leave it in your bag because keeping it straight and on the fairway is important on this hole.

At only 307 yards, it is easy to hit the green with a short wedge. I have seen players hit a 5-iron and PW to get to the green so don’t sweat it under the Florida sun. The sand bunkers that run along the fairways are known as natural sand corridors so if you ball happens to land in a footprint, take a free drop.

Today, I chose my Taylormade Burner 3-wood. I try to tee it up short so that I don’t go underneath it. My ball sails straight up the middle of the fairway leaving me about 80 yards to the green. I think I’m going to hit a SW since the pin placement is # 2 (ie. middle of the green). I’m on the green in two and have a birdie putt.