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Hole # 4, Water Valley Golf Course, Water Valley, AB

Hole # 4, par 5, 420 yards

Hole # 4

Hole # 4

We had a golf tournament at Water Valley Golf Course earlier this month. When we were planning for the long drive hole, we decided it was going to be a long par 5 hole so we chose hole # 4. When we arrived at the course two hours before our first tee time, we asked Mike Anderson, the Head Professional at Water Valley whether hole # 4 was a good driving hole. He said yes.

When our group came up to hole # 4, we walked up to the white tees and surveyed the hole. It was a beautiful hole, perched up high on top of a hill. Down below was a hourglass shaped fairway. If anyone was going to win long drive, he would have to land his ball in the narrowest part of the fairway.

I noticed the long drive stake ahead and it was a long way from the white tees. Wayne went first because he was a low handicapper and played from the blue tees. He hit right but landed safely before the bushes. I was up next and I was teeing off from the white tees. I hit it well but it got caught in the longer grass. A few more feet and it would have landed on the fairway and rolled. Kam was next to hit. His tee shot ended up right as well, near Wayne’s ball. The lady in our group, Genevieve hit a beautiful drive from the red tees to the middle of the fairway.

It was clear that neither of us would win the Men’s Long Drive but it was interesting to find that Brent who had played from the black tees ended up winning the long drive challenge. It was a tough long hole and we were lucky to walk away with a bogey.