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Maple Ridge: A commanding par 3

Maple Ridge par 3

Maple Ridge par 3

I always liked playing at Maple Ridge but it’s especially nice when it’s rush hour because I rather be on a golf course than to be stuck in traffic. The Deerfoot is more like a parking lot than a highway and drivers look at us with envy.

The par 3 overlooking the golf course is spectacular and it takes our breath away. Today, it is playing 204 yards with a stiff wind that will bat down any ball heading to the green.

First up is Al and he chooses to hit a 5-iron. Al traps the ball between the turf and his club so hard that it flies a long ways. Al hits it well but his ball darts right, bounces on the cart path on the way down and dives into the sand bunker next to the green.

I’m next and I chose my 4-hybrid. I plan to punch it hard and get it on the green. Somehow I didn’t make good contact and it flies low and stays out of the bunker that Al is in.

Last up is Wayne and he chooses to hit driver. Al and I are in disbelief but when Wayne hits it, his ball lands on the green. He is putting for birdie.

We all settled for a bogey except for Wayne who took home a par. Next time, it will be a driver for me when there is a stiff wind blowing around the green.

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Hole # 16, Maple Ridge GC, Calgary, AB

Hole # 16, par 4, Blue tees, 318 yards

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms on # 16

When I woke up this morning, I didn’t feel like getting into my golf mode and head out for a round. I checked the weather on my way out and noticed that we’re in for some bad weather until Monday. No golf for the weekend, hmmm…I made up my mind rather quickly. Without a tee time, I was the only walk-on at Maple Ridge today. Luckily, they managed to get me out early by adding me to a threesome. I was playing next to Steve, Jeff and Angela.

Steve worked for the city so he was entitled to two free rounds on any city course. Today would be his free round. From the sounds of it all, he has a very understanding wife because it was her that encouraged him to get out today to play golf. Jeff worked for CP Rail in the Transportation and Operations department. He said there was a lot of unrest there, losing a CEO and going on strike in the same month. Angela looked like a retiree. She said the only reason she was out here was because of the exercise.

After bogeying the par 3, we came to hole # 16 with a vengeance. I have been waiting all day to let it all go and this was the hole that I did. I set up, loaded my right side and gave it a full shoulder turn. The ball flew straight and long. Steve said it was the best drive yet  and I agreed with him. Unfortunately, both Steve and Jeff didn’t hit it very well. My ball came to rest in the middle of the fairway with only 110 yards left. It was a perfect 10-iron shot to the green. I dropped the ball pin high but right. I would two putt in for a par.

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Hole # 13, Maple Ridge GC, Calgary, AB

Hole # 13, par 3, Blue tees, 204 yards

Instead of waiting a couple of hours to get onto a fully booked course on a Friday, Rob (a marshal at the Maple Ridge Golf Course) advised the starter to let us join a twosome at the turn. It was great and we thanked Rob for thinking out of the box.

As we approached hole # 13, the group ahead of us had just teed off. Sam and I talked at the tee box. I told Sam that I had started a golf blog and for him to check it out after the round. He promised he would so Sam, if you’re reading this – welcome to my blog! Sam is a retired school teacher that taught English. His plans for retirement is to become a well-known writer for short stories. Best of luck to your writing career, Sam! If it doesn’t work, the Champions tour can use you.

I told Sam that I was aiming to hit the green with my Callaway 4-hybrid or go over the pin. There was no trouble at the back of the green meaning that if I had sailed it over the green, it wouldn’t be so bad to chip on. It turned out that my tee shot was perfect, straight and right at it. It would bounce and settle left of the pin. My wife’s tee shot was perfect as well, pin high and to the right. Both Len and Sam’s tee shots were short of the green but these two were magnificent chippers. I envied their short game, especially Sam’s sand play and Len’s bump and runs.

I walked away with a 3-putt for bogey while my wife celebrated a par with a 2-putt. The greens were a bit slow today because they were punched recently. Overall, it was a fun round with Sam and Len. Hope to see you two again the next time we play Maple Ridge.