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Blogging about some of the world's best golf holes.

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Hole # 7, Tierra Rejada GC, Moorpark, CA

Hole # 7, par 3, White tees, 110 yards

Three of my favourite holes are Tierra Rejada are holes # 6, 7 and 8. I don’t usually shoot a good score on # 8 but I’ve par’d # 6 and # 7 in the past so they will be my favourites for some time to come. Hole # 7 is a short par 3 where you have to hit a nice draw to. If you try to go straight at it, you have to contend with the sand bunker in the front or worst, go over the flag and cliff at the same time.

I try to hit a strong pitching wedge to the green from the white tees. If I hit it well, the ball hits the middle of the green and rolls to the back of the green where the pin is usually positioned. This is one of those holes that you want to avoid hitting the sand at all cost. Make sure you use enough club to get to the green.

I was up first so I went with my PW. I hit it hard enough and luckily got underneath it. It went up and over the sand bunker and onto the green. Phew! Waruna was up next. He also hit PW and it settled back of the green. It was a good shot. Stan was next and he made a beautiful swing. His ball ended up almost next to ours. Arlen was last and he decided to get fancy with his wedge. He got totally underneath it and his ball flew left and over the fence. From the fence, you can look for miles over Simi Valley to Oak Park.

All of us on the green putted and walked away with a par each. It was a good hole on a good day with good friends.

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Hole # 1, Rustic Canyon GC, Moorpark, CA

Hole # 1, par 5, White tees, 495 yards

Getting on the Green - Free Shipping on Callaway at Fairway Golf

Getting on the Green – Free Shipping on Callaway at Fairway Golf

Wished I had Bubba Watson’s pink driver here to tee off on hole # 1 at Rustic Canyon GC in Moorpark, CA. At 495 yards from the white tees, it’s not terribly long but the hole looks a long way from the tee box. Sure it would be nice to drive it long and try to get it on the green in 2 for an eagle putt.

The hole is a dogleg right. It is best to cut some of the corner off on the right but don’t flirt with it. Losing your ball right is not a good idea. Just blast it a little right with a fade and you will be perfect for the second shot. I dropped my tee shot just over the crest and it bounced and rolled for another 30 yards.

I decided to use my Callaway 4-Hybrid Edge for a low boring shot leaving me with a wedge shot to the green. Luckily my ball ended up just short of the dry river bed that is carved in front of the green. I hit a nice high shot that landed hard on the green and bounced off. If you’ve played Rustic Canyon before, you would know how hard it is to stick your ball on the green.

My ball ended up on the apron which at Rustic is like an extended green because it is compact, just like the green is. You can putt right from the apron and your ball will roll as though it was on the putting green. With undulation, it is difficult to get it right, especially on your first hole. I would double bogey, even with a GIR. Putting has to be improved.

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Hole # 4, Moorpark Country Club, Moorpark, CA

Hole # 4, Creekside Course, par 4, White tees, 377 yards

Hole # 9, Moorpark C.C.

Hole # 9, Moorpark C.C.

Ever since I played a charity tournament at the Moorpark Country Club, I’ve been back periodically for more abuse. But it’s fun abuse if you know what I mean. There’s three 9-hole tracks here and on any given day, you really don’t know what the starter gives you. This random act allows the starter to guarantee fast play for its members because this is a semi-private course after all.

Hole # 4 on the Creekside course is one scary hole. There’s a lot of scary holes here if you’re not a straight hitter or a long hitter. I think it’s hard enough at the white tees. Members prefer playing at the blue tees. Your choice but don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. When you drive up to hole # 4 north of the clubhouse, you get a good sense of fear. Off the tee is a gully that you have to hit over. From the white tees, it looks like the other side is a mile away so you can imagine what it looks like from the blue tees. It’s like earth calling the moon.

If you hit your tee shot low, good luck. The best way is to keep your head down and swing smooth. Take a deep breath first and don’t look up until you’ve hit through your impact zone. Anything less and you will be kissing your ball goodbye – that gully is deep! On a good day, I normally hit it about a third up the fairway. I’ve seen guys hit it to the back of the fairway and up the hill. I’ve also seen guys lose their ball right, again into the hill. There’s no finding your ball if you miss the fairway so give it all you’ve got.

From a third way up the fairway, I have a scary shot over another gully to the green. It’s at least a 5-iron for me so I choose to hit my 4-hybrid, hoping to get some air beneath my ball. It’s hard enough fighting the temptation to look up let alone, hit it with enough loft to get over the low bearing trees in the gully. It’s like an overgrown river bed down there.

Soon after, all four of us makes our way to the green. It’s hard getting a GIR here so if you do, please write me a comment and tell me how it’s done. Getting par is almost impossible for someone like me who is not playing their best at the moment. I settled for bogey and no lost balls. Phew!

Moorpark has three unique 9-hole layouts, Creekside, Canyon Crest and Ridge.