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Hole # 18, Los Robles Greens GC, Thousand Oaks, CA

Hole # 18, par 4, Blue tees, 332 yards

After loading my wife’s clubs onto the cart, I started loading mine when I heard my wife asked whether I wanted to meet a legend or not. I turned around and almost choked when I saw Smokey Robinson, music legend and Motown artist. Smokey often plays at Los Robles Greens in Thousand Oaks where he plays with the “gordies” (sons of Berry Gordy founder of the Motown label).

We didn’t play with Smokey but we would have loved to. Of course, it would have helped if I could remember one of his songs. For no reason, my mind went blank. Luckily I still knew how to play golf.

Finishing up on hole # 18 is a treat. With a good drive to the middle, you have a very makable GIR. But if you happen to hook the shot (left) then you have no chance to get on the green in two. Going right is almost better than going left but too far right is not good neither. I have seen players hit it so long that their ball flies over the sand trap and into the hillside. That’s no good neither.

A ball right in the middle leaving you a 150 yards or less is perfect. I like to hit a 8-iron to the front of the green and let it roll on. This is a very fair hole and making a birdie is very possible if not a par.

Have you played here recently? If so, please share your comments.