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Hole #2, Olivas Links, Ventura, CA

Hole # 2, par 5, Blue tees, 529 yards

Olivas Links

Olivas Links

Teeing off on the first hole can be too much for some players. Courses where the first hole is right off the clubhouse can be be nerve racking for new players, especially when there is a gallery of other players. It’s easy to duff the ball, slice or hook your tee shot. Luckily hole # 1 at Olivas Links is a little away from the clubhouse and therefore, no gallery. Phew!

After coming off hole # 1, hole # 2 is a true test for length. At 529 yards and a strong wind blowing off the ocean into your face, keeping your head down is critical for a long drive up the center of the fairway. Stay straight or slight right, but don’t go down left. There are environmental areas here and they don’t like it when you go in there. Luckily for me, my tee shots are usually low boring types. Even with a 10.5 degrees driver, I can make it as though I’m hitting a 8 degrees driver.

My tee shot finds it in the middle of the fairway. Second shot, I take out my 4-Hybrid and advance it along. Everyone else I’m playing is doing the same. Now within 160 yards, I take out my 6-iron and go for the green. A lot of second shots end up in the long grass to the left of the cart path. It’s long fescule in there and you don’t want to go there whatsoever. Keep it in the middle or within the cart path and environmental strip that runs all the way down left.

My 160-yard club barely makes it on for a GIR. It really is a true test of your long clubs to get you on the green. The green is undulating which makes it tough to 2-putt. I would end up with a bogey. No pars on this hole but if you managed to get one, please write me a comment for encouragement.