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Hole # 2, Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, Ojai, CA

Hole # 2, par 4, White tees, 330 yards

Ojai Valley Inn, Hole # 1

Ojai Valley Inn, Hole # 1

For some reason, I think as a beginner, I played this hole better. Looking at my past scorecards, I noticed I had a par on my first round here on the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa course in Ojai, CA. Just a small jog north of Ventura is the little town of Ojai. Famous for great academics, boutiques, the Lavender festival and a number of retreats, Ojai is a great place to wind down from the hustle and bustle of LA.

The Ojai Valley Inn & Spa golf course should be on everybody’s bucket list. It is a challenging course and hole # 2 is a great hole to prove its difficulty. From the white tees, the intimidation starts at the tee box. Over the years, the tree to the left has grown more bushier and comes into play. Your tee shot has to navigate through the slot between two trees. It’s one of those holes that your tee shot has to carry. There is no bailing out.

If you can hit driver, do so. My playing partner chose to hit 3-wood and sliced it into the forest. With a good tee shot, you can land the ball anywhere on the landing area. Don’t go right whatever you do. If your ball settles to the left, you would have a mid iron to the green. My drive usually ends up close to the bridge which leaves me with a 100 yard shot. From the landing area, the green is visible and is over the gulley. Pick the right club and your ball will hit the green. Watch out for the bunker in the back.

Have you played here before? If so, I would love to hear how you played it, tips and adventures.

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Hole # 17, Tierra Rejada, Simi Valley, CA

Hole # 17, par 3, Blue tees, 105 yards

After playing a long stretch of holes along the road at Tierra Rejada, hole # 17 is a nice change. From the blue tees, I used my PW and hit a knockdown shot to the green. There was no use flying it because the pin was upfront. Flying it on a windy day would not be a good idea. If you have played there before, you would remember this par 3. It is short, really short and players often use their sand wedge or even their lob wedge to get the ball close. But there’s no forgiveness when you hit the green because of the undulation. When the pin is upfront, there is no coming up short. Going over the flag is one option but count on a tricky putt.

On this day, my ball would come to rest at the bottom of the valley past the hole. I took one good look at the line and putted it close but not for birdie. I would end up with a par. My playing partners would end up with a bogey each, over sailing their shot to the back of the green.

How did you do? Please share your comments, experience, tips and adventures on short par 3’s like this hole at Tierra Rejada.