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Hole # 14 – Simi Hills, Simi Valley, CA

Hole # 14, par 4, White tees, 336 yards

My favourite hole on the Simi Hills Golf Course, located on Alamo Street in Simi Valley is hole # 14, a challenging risk and reward hole. If you play with your buddies, you always try to go over the water and leave yourself a short wedge shot to the green. From the white tees, I would try to go over enough water to hit a 9-iron. Other players will attempt fate by going for the green. Some would try so hard that they end up slicing their ball to the next tee box.

It’s too bad the golf swing takes a few seconds to execute. There’s no pullback when you know your ball is not going to travel straight. A bad pull would easily cost you a ball into the lake. And if you don’t calculate it correctly, you simply come up short. Make sure you have enough club to carry the ball over water and safely to the fairway.

My playing partner would play it safe and hit his drive over land. His ball would leave him to a 160 yard approach shot. My other playing partner would skim the water’s edge and drop his ball a little left of the cart path. He has about 140 yards to go. I decided to go for it and hit a bomb over the water so I set up with a wide stance. I would let it all out and the ball would sail over the water and safely land middle of the fairway. I sighed relief.

With only 100 yards left, I decided to run my ball up to the green instead of hitting it up. In the past, I would pull my wedge and end up in the bunker. I would execute a nice pitch and be left with a 20 yard putt. Now it was left up to me to get it into the hole in 1 or maybe 2. I was not going to leave it short nor blow it past the hole.

I ended up settling for a par. This hole could have easily eaten me up, if I didn’t negotiate a drive over water. A par is a good score for this hole. Have you played here before? If so, please share your comments, tips or adventures.